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Hit a house! Viñales meteorite + broken roof panel.

Hit a house! Viñales meteorite + broken roof panel

Hit a house! Viñales meteorite + broken roof panel




Observed fall

Viñales, 1 February 2019


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Viñales is a very new meteorite. This meteorite fell on February 1st, 2019 in the province of Pinar del Rio. A loud sonic boom was heard by the locals and recorded in a video (see link below). Its smoke trail was recorded by several people and it was seen even from the United States, where the weather radars recorded the event.

Fragments have been mainly found in Viñales, a town in which people live on tourism and tobacco production. Due to the extensive rains, plants in the area are very tall, which makes finding the meteorites an almost impossible task.

However, this specific meteorite did not need any search by people. It hit the roof of a house in the neighborhood “Los Jazmines” in Viñales. The owner of the house heard a big impact and went quickly to see what had happened. He found a broken roof panel and a meteorite at the entrance of the door. The meteorite didn’t go through the roof but rather broke it and rebounded, falling to the floor eventually.

In this lot, this meteorite and the original roof panel are sold together as a proof of the power of meteorites. The roof panel in the pictures has 6 waves or curves, 1 was cut for easier transportation and now it has 5 waves. The hole is still in the middle of the panel. The material of the roof is fibre cement so it is not recommended to break it. It would make a perfect display in a framed showcase.

Weight of the meteorite: 55,7 grams.

Video of the smoke trail and sonic boom:

With the meteorite and the roof, you will also receive a flash drive with more photos and videos of the house, how the roof was removed and shipped to Spain, etc. Sent with shipping insurance and UPS or FedEx.

Certificate of authenticity is included. IMCA 5591.

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