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R chondrite. NWA 753. Rumuruti meteorite. Slice.

R chondrite. NWA 753. Rumuruti meteorite. Slice

R chondrite. NWA 753. Rumuruti meteorite. Slice



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NWA, 2000


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This rumuruti meteorite is classified as NWA 753. It was found in 2000.

Rumuruti chondrites (also known as R chondrites) are a very rare type of chondrites. Less than 0,5% of chondrites are classified as R. There was only one observed fall of an R chondrite that left a single piece of just 67 grams.

They differ from ordinary chondrites mainly in having most of the metal in the form of sulfides, they are more oxidized and contain little metallic Iron and Nickel. They have a matrix with more dust (about 50%), a higher trace element concentration of Zinc and Selenium and a higher Oxygen-17 ratio than ordinary chondrites. Implanted solar wind is found in more than half of the R chondrites analyzed for noble gases until today.

Apparently, R chondrites come from an asteroid’s regolith (surface with loose solid materials). They are called “R” after the Rumuruti meteorite, which fell on 28th January 1934 in the Rift Valley, Kenya.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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