Viñales meteorite. L6 chondrite. 70% crust

Viñales meteorite. L6 chondrite. 70% crust


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Observed fall

Cuba, 1 February 2019


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Viñales fell on February 1st, 2019 in the province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba. A loud sonic boom was heard by the locals and recorded in a video (see link below). Its smoke trail was recorded by several people and it was seen in Cuba and even from the United States, where the weather radars recorded the event. It is also the first meteorite event to have been photographed from a plane. Fragments have been mainly found in Viñales, a town in which people live on tourism and tobacco production. Due to the extensive rains, plants in the area are very tall, which makes finding the meteorites an almost impossible task. Viñales has been officially classified as an L6 chondrite with shock veins and some inclusions of melt rock (breccia) and troilite.

Video of the smoke trail and sonic boom:

In this lot one piece is offered. It is covered in fresh fusion as seen in the pictures. The rock also exhibits its clearer interior due to the breakage in the atmosphere.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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