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Songyuan meteorite. Rare Chinese observed fall.

Songyuan meteorite. Rare Chinese observed fall

Songyuan meteorite. Rare Chinese observed fall



10,5 grams

Observed fall

China, 15 August 1993


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On Ausgust 15, 1993 at 14:30-15:00 local time, the countryside near Songyuan City was witness to a small shower of meteorites. Four meteorites were recovered within a 10 km2 area shortly after falling in the countryside of Fuyu in Songyuan city.  Individual masses were 28 kg, another of unknown kilos, 6.4 kg, and 2.5 kg. Only the individual weighing 6.4 kilograms, was made available to collectors.  Two American dealers purchased the piece from the finders in 1998. The largest meteorite was seen to fall and created a pit 60 cm deep in a peanut field. The strewn field is estimated to cover nearly 10 square kilometers.

The Songyuan meteorite, also sometimes referred to as “Fuyu” was classified as an L6 chondrite. It has greenish-gray matrix with mostly black chondrules and some small pores.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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