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Santa Filomena meteorite. Recent observed fall.

Santa Filomena meteorite. Recent observed fall

Santa Filomena meteorite. Recent observed fall



88,0 grams

Observed fall

Brazil, 19 August 2020


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A bright fireball appeared on the western region of Pernambuco state, Brazil, on August 19, 2020, 13:18:17 UTC. Four cameras from a weather forecast company named “Clima Ao Vivo” recorded the bolide in the cities of Floresta, Salgueiro, Belém de São Francisco and São José do Belmonte. The GOES-16 satellite also captured the bolide flash. The meteoroid entered the Earth atmosphere at 15.36 km/s, in a 43.1° inclination travelling 61.3 km in 4 seconds and extinguished at 20.9 km height, 7.5 km east of the city of Santa Filomena.

Meteorites were recovered within a 16.0 × 2.7 km elipse. Santa Filomena is located nearly at the middle of the strewn field. The majority of the stones, were recovered by local people. Recovered meteorites range in weight from <1 g to 38.2 kg, and the total mass recovered is around 100 kg. It is classified as an ordinary chondrite with shock stage 4 and class H5-6.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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