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NWA 1495 meteorite. L4-5 chondrite. Endcut.

NWA 1495 meteorite. L4-5 chondrite. Endcut

NWA 1495 meteorite. L4-5 chondrite. Endcut





19 x 11 x 3,5 cm


NWA, 2001


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NWA 1495 was found in 2001 in Northwest Africa. It was a single mass of 6,56kg. It is classified as an L4-5 chondrite meteorite.

Chondrites are called so because they contain chondrules. Chondrules were molten droplets of silicates in space that accreted together with some free metals to form the first asteroids 4550 million years ago. They are older than the Earth. NWA 1495 has low (L) metal content and some parts with more or less evident chondrules (4-5).

A piece from NWA 1495 is offered as an endcut. Fusion crust is present with amazing regmaglypts.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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