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Mbale meteorite. Slice.

Mbale meteorite. Slice

Mbale meteorite. Slice



4,1 grams

Observed fall

Uganda, 14 August 1992


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The Mbale meteorite fall occurred on August 14, 1992 at 15:40 local time in a heavily populated area in and around the city of Mbale, Uganda. A loud explosion was heard which persisted for some time as a rumbling noise. For about two minutes a greyish-white smoke trail was seen. A meteorite shower fell forming a strewnfield of about 3 x 7 km.

The stones hit several buildings and a kid was hit on the head by a 3 grams piece. Fortunately nobody was severely hurt. An expedition was organized by the Dutch Meteor Society, the Leiden Observatory and Makerere University between August 29 and September 5. Together with material found in the months after the fall, 426 stones were recovered with a total mass of 108 kg. It is classified as a chondrite L5/6.

For sale a slice of the Mbale meteorite.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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