Boutel fil. New meteorite fall. 95% crust

Boutel fil. New meteorite fall. 95% crust


294,5 grams

Observed fall

Chad, 8 July 2023


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On the night of 8 July 2023, a meteorite shower occurred near the town of Boutel Fil, Chad. The meteorite fell on flat cultivated fields and among small settlements north of Boutel Fil, which is located in the East of the country, next to Cameroon. Three sonic booms were heard. People found black stones on the ground the following morning and started to collect them. The event triggered media coverage in Chad, leading to private initiatives to recover stones from the villagers.

The Ministry of Mines sent geologists to inquire about the event on July 23. They were shown the site where a large stone had excavated a shallow cavity in soil about 50 cm in diameter. This is the site for which coordinates are reported.

Despite being in the heart of Africa, Chad surprisingly had only 5 classified meteorites and all together did not reach 15 kilos of mass. Boutel Fil is now the largest one, having 33,5 kilos of total known weight. It is classified as an LL6 chondrite. All pieces were recovered shortly after the fall and the low content of iron makes them have a clear interior, exhibiting a great contrast with the dark fusion crust.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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