Aba Panu meteorite. L3 chondrite. Galaxies of chondrules

Aba Panu meteorite. L3 chondrite. Galaxies of chondrules


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Nigeria, 19 April 2019


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On the afternoon of 19 April 2018, a large fireball detonated over the Nigerian state of Oyo. This fireball was recorded by NASAs Center for Near Earth Object Studies as event 2018-04-19 14:02:27. The meteoroid entered at 20.9 km/s and detonated at an altitude of 30 km at coordinates 7.5’N, 3.6’E. It released a calculated total impact energy of 0.23 kt. Meteorites fell between the villages of Ipapo and Tede to the north. The meteorite is named for the village of Aba Panu near the center of the strewn-field.

Aba Panu is classified as an L3 chondrite. That means low (L) metal content and abundant chondrules with very little metamorphism (3). Chondrites are called so because they contain chondrules. Chondrules were molten droplets of silicates in space that accreted together with some free metals to form the first asteroids 4550 million years ago. They are older than the Earth.

Aba Panu meteorites are mostly rounded with broad poorly developed regmaglypts, and largely lacking fusion crust. Fusion crust is occasionally preserved within the shallow regmaglypts. Most stones are greyish green and show areas of rounded to angular light-colored clasts. The current total know weight is 160 kilos but it is estimated that the Nigerian government collected on the order of 100 kg of stones.

In this lot a beautiful slice is offered. In it, hundreds of chondrules can be seen.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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