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CO3 chondrite meteorite. Carbonaceous type.

CO3 chondrite meteorite. Carbonaceous type

CO3 chondrite meteorite. Carbonaceous type



22,1 grams


Algeria, 2020


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Carbonaceous chondrite meteorites are a window to the early days of our Solar System. The chemical composition of CO chondrules indicates that they probably formed within the protoplanetary disk in the early Solar System.

A complete piece of a newly discovered CO3 chondrite meteorite from NWA is offered. Lots of chondrules can be seen on the surface of the specimen. This meteorite has been analyzed and determined to be a CO3 carbonaceous chondrite. It was found in 2020 and bought from a Saharaui dealer in 2021.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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