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Chwichiya 002 meteorite. C3.00-ung.

Chwichiya 002 meteorite. C3.00-ung

Chwichiya 002 meteorite. C3.00-ung



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Western Sahara, 10 June 2018


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Found close to Houza village by Elho Sbiti on June 10, 2018, Chwichiya 002 was bought by Mohamed Elguirah, Habib-Naji Naji, Nourddine Azelmat and Youssef Ait El Caid.

This material was bought directly from Youseff Ait in a trip to Morocco. The material doesn’t belong to the classified mass but it is more than likely the same. It is classified as a carbonaceous chondrite (C3.00-ungrouped). This meteorite is distinct from CM2 chondrites for its larger chondrule size and only incipient aqueous alteration. Type 3.00 is based on the non-detection of phyllosilicates by XRD and microprobe total in the matrix higher than usually measured in type 2 chondrites.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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