Winonaite. NWA 15061. Rare type of meteorite

Winonaite. NWA 15061. Rare type of meteorite


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Mali, 2022


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NWA 15061 was found in 2022 near Taoudenni, Mali. It has been analyzed and confirmed to be a Winonaite. NWA numbre 15061 is pending approval. The buyer will be informed when the number is officially published.

Winonaites are fine to medium grained, mostly equigranular, and contain ferric sulfide. They are closely related to the silicate inclusions found in IAB and IIICD irons. Winonaites are named after the meteorite that was found in Winona, USA in 1928. This meteorite was located in a native American stone burial cist, so it was likely highly revered.

As a primitive achondrite, its chemical composition is similar to the composition of chondrites, but its texture is igneous, indicative of melting processes. There are 4 groups of primitive achondrites: winonaites, brachinites, the acapulcoite-lodranite family and ureilites.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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