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Peña Blanca Spring meteorite. Aubrite with incredible story.

Peña Blanca Spring meteorite. Aubrite with incredible story

Peña Blanca Spring meteorite. Aubrite with incredible story



2,6 grams

Observed fall

United States, 2 August 1946


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The Peña Blanca Spring meteorite fell on August 2, 1946, into a small natural pond at the headquarters of the Gage Ranch, near Marathon, Texas. Twenty-four people were within a few hundred feet of the point of fall. The cook of the ranch saw the meteorite in flight, breaking branches of a willow tree until it plunged into the pond. This is perhaps the only documented case of a person seeing the meteorite in flight. Two other workers were driving a truck and it was splashed by water and plant debris after the impact. Many other interesting incidents were reported.

After lowering the water level of the pond, 70 kg of the meteorite were recovered, consisting of one fragment of 47 kg, one fragment of 13 kg and many smaller pieces.

The meteorite is classified as an aubrite with a cream colored crust, white interior and remarkably coarse cataclastic-porphyritic texture. The meteorite is 93% iron free enstatite. Aubrites are linked to near-Earth Apollo asteroids, being 3103 Eger the best candidate to be their parent body.

In this lot a slice of Peña Blanca Spring is offered.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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