Millbillillie meteorite. Oriented, flow lines, 100% crust

Millbillillie meteorite. Oriented, flow lines, 100% crust


92,7 grams

Observed fall

Australia, October 1960


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In 1960 two station workers were opening a gate along a track between Millbillillie and Jundee Stations, when they witnessed a fireball in the sky, landing to the north in a spinifex covered plain. No search was conducted at the time but years later, a friend or relative of one of the men was told the story and went searching. Two stones were found, and since then many more fragments by locals. It is classified as an achondritic Eucrite meteorite with silicate minerals and no iron.

The Millbillillie eucrite now stands alone as the only eucrite recovered with a mass of over 100 kg. Indeed, Millbillillie is by far the most massive meteorite of any of those recovered meteorites (most Howardites, Eucrites, and Diogenites) which are believed to be fragments of the asteroid Vesta.

The Millbillillie lithology was itself apparently formed ~4.54-4.55 billion years ago with traces of several impacts occurring during the next billion years.

This specimen has been legally exported from Australia. It is 100% covered with glassy fusion crust and a characteristic orange desert soil. It shows multiple flowlines and orientation.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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