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Diogenite & olivine. NWA 7831 + Madagascar olivine.

Diogenite & olivine. NWA 7831 + Madagascar olivine

Diogenite & olivine. NWA 7831 + Madagascar olivine



Diogenite: Western Sahara, 2013
Olviine: Madagascar


5,7 grams diogenite
3,8 grams olivine


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Diogenites are a rare type of meteorite that comes from Asteroid Vesta. It is in the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter. It orbits the Sun with a period of 3.6 Earth years and has a diameter of 525 kilometres. A great impact occurred in the South hemisphere of Vesta less than 1 billion years ago, ejecting rocks from the asteroid into space. Eventually some of these rocks fell on Earth. Due to the lack of chondrules in this type of meteorites, they are called achondrites in contraposition to chondrites.

NWA 7831 is classified as an achondrite, diogenite. It was discovered in Western Sahara in March 2013. It is one of the diogenites with a larger total known weight, being small fragments of a few grams the most common size. In this lot a translucent slice is offered.

Also offered a slice of a green terrestrial olivine from Madagascar for your pleasure of comparing these 2 fascinating african materials.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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