Wolf Creek meteorite. Crater maker

Wolf Creek meteorite. Crater maker


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120000 years ago


Australia, 1947


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The Wolf Creek meteorite and its crater are located in Australia.

A gigantic meteorite crashed on Earth 120000 years ago. With a mass of 17000 metric tons, the asteroid travelled at a speed of 15 km per second until its collision with the ground, in which a 880 meters wide crater was formed.

It was discovered during an aerial reconnaissance in 1947, after which researchers have intensively studied the crater. The crater is named after a the river that passes close by, the Wolfe Creek river. This river is subsequently named after local explorer Robert Wolfe.

Some meteorites have been recovered since its discovery although the strict export policies of the Government of Australia made it difficult to get them out of the country and for sale. Meteorites are shale from the primal iron.

Iron meteorites come from the core of dead asteroids. In them the heavy elements sunk to the center due to gravity. The asteroids were then destroyed by impacts with other bodies, releasing the iron core to space. Iron meteorites are alloys of iron and nickel mainly although they contain other trace elements.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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