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Tata meteorite. NWA 1430. Rare pattern.

Tata meteorite. NWA 1430. Rare pattern

Tata meteorite. NWA 1430. Rare pattern





Morocco, 2001


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Tata is an iron meteorite of the IIIAB type and medium octahedrite. It was found in 2001 near Tata, Morocco. But Tata is very unique due to its Widmanstatten pattern.

Something happened to Tata that modified its crystallization in outer space. When the original piece of 113 kg was cut, it was observed that the crystal structure changes from small size crystals to much larger size crystals from one side to the other. Sometimes the crystal structure of other iron meteorites is damaged by artificial heating or by mechanical deformation. But in Tata these changes affect the crystal growth size, something never observed before and not yet understood.

Since the recovery of the first 113 kilogram mass others have been found, being the actual total known weight about 150 kg. Tata is officially known as NWA 1430.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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