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Tambo Quemado meteorite.

Tambo Quemado meteorite

Tambo Quemado meteorite



40,8 grams


Peru, 1950


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The Tambo Quemado meteorite was found in Leonicio Prado, Ayacucho, Peru, at coordinates 14° 40’S, 74° 30’W in 1950. One mass of 141 kg was found and brought to the Geological Museum in Lima. During its history, at some point the meteorite was artificially heated at 1000ºC for about 1 hour. It is classified as an Iron, IIIAB, Medium Octahedrite (0.7 mm bandwidth).

It is an iron meteorite and hence it probably comes from the core of asteroids that were destroyed by impacts with other bodies. It is an alloy of iron-nickel mainly although it contains other trace elements.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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