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Santa clara meteorite. Ataxite from Mexico.

Santa clara meteorite. Ataxite from Mexico

Santa clara meteorite. Ataxite from Mexico





Brazil, 1976


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In 1976 a meteorite of 63kg was found near Santa Clara, Mexico. It was purchased by the Arizona State University. Because it contains 17,9% nickel, it is mainly taenite and does not form any structure (ataxite) macroscopically. Microscopically, fine lines of kamacite can be seen in a plessitic matrix. It is classified as an IVB iron meteorite. Currently, there are only 18 IVB classifications in the world. In this meteorite a new isotope of silver was found for the first time.

In this lot a slice is offered. The weight-surface ratio is excellent as the slice is very thin.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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