Santa Catharina meteorite. Rare ataxite shale from Brazil

Santa Catharina meteorite. Rare ataxite shale from Brazil


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First believed to be a nickel ore, the iron meteorite Santa Catharina was discovered in 1875 by Goncalves da Rosa in the island of São Francisco do Sul, in the state of Santa Catharina. It is estimated to have collided with Earth about 70-110 million years ago, creating a 12-kilometer crater in present-day Santa Catharina.

It is an ataxite that contains 35% Nickel. It is classified as iron IAB-ung. In total, 7 tons were discovered. Unluckily many were transported to England in an attempt to extract Nickel from them, including the main mass of 2,5 tons. Another 2,5 tons were conserved in the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro but they are probably lost now due to the fire of 2018.

The meteorite is unusual in 3 important respects — it is unusually nickel rich (about 30% of unoxidized portions), unusually troilite-rich, and severely weathered. This is shale material that has been fused together with terrestrial earth.

Shape: endcut.
Weight: 21,5 grams.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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