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Landes meteorite. Silicated iron. Code: H91.129.

Landes meteorite. Silicated iron. Code: H91.129

Landes meteorite. Silicated iron. Code: H91.129



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West Virginia, 1930


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The Landes meteorite was found in Grant County, West Virginia (USA) in 1930. It is classified as an IAB-MG iron. It is highly silicated and looks like a mesosiderite. Only 1 specimen was plowed up in a hillside cornfield one mile east of the Landes Post Office about 35 to 40 years prior to being called to the attention of Glenn I Huss in 1968 when it was recognized as a meteorite. During most of this period it lay under the eaves of a barn where water dripped on it without apparent damage to the specimen.

From Glenn Huss collection, code: H91.129

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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