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Dronino meteorite. Ataxite, iron.

Dronino meteorite. Ataxite, iron

Dronino meteorite. Ataxite, iron





Russia, 2000


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Dronino is an iron meteorite and hence it probably comes from the core of asteroids that were destroyed by impacts with other bodies. It is an alloy of iron-nickel mainly although it contains other trace elements.

Structurally it is an ataxite which means “without structure”. Ataxites have >18% Nickel content and do not show Widmanstatten lines upon etching, hence their name. Most of the meteoric iron is kamacite with minor amounts of taenite.

The first Dronino meteorite was found in 2000 while mushroom collecting. The finder kept it for years and it was definitely identified as a meteorite in 2003 by a Russian museum.

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Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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