Campo del Cielo meteorite. Individual, great shape

Campo del Cielo meteorite. Individual, great shape


5245 grams

Observed fall

4800 years ago


1576, by Westerners


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Campo del Cielo meteorite fell 4800 years ago in the current Argentina. Its fireball was so bright that stories about it passed from one generation to another. When Spaniards arrived at the place, they were told by the locals that the sky had fallen. They had been using that piece of the sky to make their weapons too. Now the export of this meteorite has been banned by the Argentinian Government so this meteorite is a safe investment and will become rarer to find on the market.

It is an iron meteorite and hence it probably comes from the core of asteroids that were destroyed by impacts with other bodies. It is an alloy of iron-nickel mainly although it contains other trace elements.

This self-standing piece shows deep regmaglypts and an attractive shape for those collectors who care about aesthetics of their pieces.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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