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Libyan desert glass. Gem quality, with hole.

Libyan desert glass. Gem quality, with hole

Libyan desert glass. Gem quality, with hole



Egypt, 26 million years ago


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Formed by a massive impact near the Libyan border with Egypt 26 million years ago, this impactite is one of the most sought after type. As a result of the heat and pressure of the impact event, desert sands were melted and formed an impact glass in a a wide range of shapes and colors from yellowish-white to yellow and black-yellow. Specimens frequently have small pieces of the meteorite encased within the glass. They can have aerodynamic features similar to meteorites as a result of being thrown into the air in a molten state.

Ancient Egyptians already knew about Libyan Desert Glass, and they picked them up and used them to make tools and jewelry for the Pharaohs, for example, for the famous Tutankhamun’s pendant with Wadjet.

This piece has excellent quality. Cristobalite mineral can be seen as “white bubbles” trapped within the piece.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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