Shatter cone from Agoudal. Meteorite impact

Shatter cone from Agoudal. Meteorite impact






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Shatter cones are a geological feature that is only known to form due to a meteorite impact or nuclear explosion. They are evidence that the bedrock has been subjected to extremely high pressures, in the range of 2–30 gigapascals – that is a shock wave of to kilos per square meter.

Shatter cones have a characteristic conical shape that radiates from the top. Usually they have convex shapes although sometimes they have a concave shape, specially next to a larger cone. In fine-grained rocks such as in Agoudal, they form an easily recognizable pattern with tens of thin grooves around the cone.

Usually the cones point upwards and toward the center of the impact crater, although the orientation of some of the rocks have been changed by post-cratering geological processes at the site.

This specimen in auction is a fine shatter cone that comes from Agoudal. This specimen was found by me in an expedition on November 21, 2018.

Certificate of authenticity included. IMCA 5591.

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