Kheneg Ljouad. 338g

On Wednesday, 12 July 2017, around 23:13 local time, a bright fireball was widely seen throughout southern Morocco and western Argelia, traveling from the NE to the SW, with termination of the fireball southwest of Tata, Morocco. The fireball lasted for several seconds and was followed by a series of sonic booms. This event was subsequently reported on the national TV news. The authorities of the area including soldiers reported the fireball. The location of the fall is in a militarized area within Morocco, near the village Kheneg Ljouad. Military and nomads where the first to arrive at the fall site and the first piece was found within 12 hours of the fireball, on 13th July. Kheneg Ljouad is a chondrite meteorite, type LL5-6 with a characteristic contrast between its fresh fusion crust and its grey matrix full of troilite inclusions. 

Kheneg Ljouad. 338g. Collection